Introducing PlayBase 

Setting a new benchmark in Home and Garden play equipment

PlayBase is a radical new range of highly modular, multi-use, leisure equipment that will make anything else you have seen look positively last millennium!

There are 15 outdoor modules in the initial PlayBase range that cover play, sports, relaxation and exercise....

Exciting new modules with different uses, all of which will fit onto the basic PlayBase structure, will continue to be added to over time.
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... with 10 alternative indoor uses of the same modules covering sleep, sport, relaxation and study.

The patent protected modules are designed to be quickly inter-changeable onto a high quality, beautifully crafted, 2.4m aluminium structure called PlayBase.

PlayBase enables highly flexible use of your home environment

Exciting new modules with different uses, all of which will fit onto the basic PlayBase structure, will continue to be added to over time.

There is nothing comparable in the market today

Key features

Highly Modular, Multiple Uses

The 25 PlayBase modules currently developed cover play, sport, exercise, study, relaxation and sleep. PlayBase has appeal to all age groups and will keep pace with your children’s needs as they grow.

Quickly Interchangeable

All modules have been designed to be switched over in minutes.

Visually Stunning

The beautifully simple curved structure makes PlayBase an elegant addition to any home or garden.

High Quality and Durability

The main PlayBase aluminium components have been engineered to a high factor of safety and the choice of material means they can be left outside uncovered without fear of corrosion.  Unlike many consumer goods today there is no built in obsolescence, we have designed playBase to last because that’s how we think things should be made.

Future Proof and Sustainability

There is an exciting range of new modules (including 360° powered video game interface) in our future development plan that makes PlayBase something that is constantly evolving. We believe passionately that it is better for our planet to reuse than to recycle and certainly not to discard. In keeping with this ethos all future modules will all be compatible with the basic PlayBase structure.

How does it work?

PlayBase can be easily transformed into so many different things because of some clever engineering design that allows you to:

a.  Change between basic modes of use

b.  Change the way the rings are fixed together

c.  Add-on module components

What are modes of use?

The basic structure can be set-up very quickly between 3 modes of use, Upright, used for modules that are either fixed vertical in orientation or rotate about one or more axis, Basket, used for modules that sit on a raised horizontal base and Lower Basket, used for modules that sit on a lower horizontal base.


The three rings are secured within a fixed outer ring that provides the torsional stiffness required when used as a gyroscope.



A basket is formed by repositioning the top half of the torsion ring into a cross


The outer ring can then be locked in a horizontal position making this a secure platform that enables many uses from a playhouse to an elevated sun lounger.



In Lower Basket Mode the centre ring is removed and the inner ring lowered to a fixed position in the basket providing a stable mounting platform for use by smaller children as a play area as well as for the trampoline module.



At each of 4 joints in the rings interchangeable bearings can be easily fitted or removed.  This allows the rings to be either locked together or for one or more rings to freely rotate.

A short elasticated tension cable can be used in the place of the bearings giving a “floating” effect between the rings. Using this method in Basket Mode any modules fixed to the inner ring have a feeling similar to being on water.

Module Components

Module components transform PlayBase into the variety of different applications, they are quick to attach, high quality and robust.  In keeping with our philosophy of re-use the majority of the add-on components are used for more than one module.