Development Funnel

The PlayBase Modules are graded in a development funnel that has three basic stages:

1. Ready for final detailed design

2. Ready for prototype

3. Concept

The initial product range is predominately from stage 1 and thus has the lowest development risk (which the exception of the jogging wheel and trampoline which fall partly into stage 2).

The coverage should appeal to a variety of ages and applications.

Assuming there is sufficient demand for the initial range of modules and therefore availability of development funds, during 2015 it is currently intended to pursue the additional non-powered modules first, these being ready on paper for prototyping.  The sequence to be determined based upon market interest.

Depending on how all of the above goes the next stage is likely to be to develop the powered modules.  These are expected to be the most exciting products longer term but carry the most development risk due to current lack of capability in both fields.  Suitable expertise will be required once the business can afford it.