What is Play-Base?

The PlayBase range of modular equipment has been designed to address the needs of the home garden market.  It is most especially suited to gardens that have limited space and competing demands on their use (such as children’s climbing frame, trampoline, jacuzzi, home office, sun lounging space etc.).
There are approximately 13 million houses in the UK which are owner occupied and that have both front and rear gardens, 3.5 million of these have dependent children(1)(2).  Average garden sizes are getting smaller(3) and finding creative ways of using less space to do more things is expected to be a highly desirable feature for future garden innovations.
The basic PlayBase structure, which is supplied installed, is a development of the classic human gyroscope as used by astronauts, fighter pilots and 1990’s science fiction films.  In appearance it is three large concentric aluminium rings mounted to a pair of vertical stands (see video).  Position and movement of the rings is key to the multiple add-on module functionality.
The modules, all designed to fit the PlayBase structure, cover an impressive range of play, sport, exercise, gaming and work applications that have appeal across the full age spectrum.
All modules use high quality materials and are quickly interchangeable.
Aside from the modular concept, what makes the PlayBase so unique is the ability to fix, allow to rotate, elasticate or power the movement of each ring independently to create a multitude of desired sensations for the user.
There is nothing comparable in the market today.
Initially the business will focus upon a sub-set of modules that have least development risk (basic mechanical engineering design needs only and with a working prototype already developed) and that are likely to appeal to a broad range of ages.
New modules will continue to be added to over time commensurate with availability of resources and confidence in demand.
A comprehensive patent covering the applications is due at the end of 2014.
(1) According to the Office for National Statistics there are 15 million houses in the UK which are owned or shared ownership occupied and 4 million of these with dependent children.
(2) The English Housing Survey 2008 reported that 88% of owner occupied dwelling in England and Wales have both front and rear gardens.
(3) The Horticultural Trades Association estimates that the percentage of gardens of less than 100m2 has gone from 16% in 1998 to 23% in 2012.